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Frequently Asked QUestions

Answers to your top questions


How much do you get paid?

I, personally get paid $20/hour. My base pay per class is $8 and I receive an extra $1 for teaching more than 45 classes/month and another $1 for being on time and submitting timely feedback. Each class is 25 minutes long.

There are many other ways to increase your pay. I will share some examples:

     🍎Accepting Short Notice(SN) classes allow you to be booked up to an hour before you are scheduled to teach. If a slot is booked 24-1 hour prior to an opened SN slot, you will receive $2 for completing that class.

     🍎VIPKID offers weekly and monthly incentives for being available on short notice.

     🍎Trial Classes are classes taught to students who have not yet bought into the platform. Teaching Trial Class requires a special certification that can be obtained through VIPKID. If a Trial Student subscribes to the platform after attending your class, you will receive an extra $5.

     🍎VIPKID provides a $100 bonus for each teacher you refer to VIPKID after they have taught their first class.

How often are you paid?

You have the option of being paid monthly. Payments are distributed before the 10th of the month following the month the payment was earned. You would receive payment for a December before January 10.

There is also an option to be paid semi-monthly. The first 1/2 of the month is paid before the 22nd of that same month. The 2nd 1/2 is paid before the 10th of the month that follows.

Do I get a physical check or direct deposit?

Checks are direct deposited to your US or Canadian bank account.

Will I receive a W2 or a 1099?

As a contract employee, you will receive a 1099. As such, you should contact a tax professional to determine what you should be saving for taxes.

Are taxes withheld from my payment?

No. You should contact a tax professional to determine what you should be saving for taxes.

Do I need to know Chinese?

No. Think about it. How much Chinese did your parents speak when you were learning English? Chinese parents want their children to be taught English in a similar manner to how native English speakers learned to speak; by listening and repeating.

How many children will I need to teach at once?

Each class is one-on-one.

How long is each class?

Each class is 25 minutes. It is not recommended that you go longer than 28 minutes to ensure you are available for any classes that follow.

Do I need to write lesson plans?

No. Each lesson is pre-prepared by VIPKID and provided to you in a slideshow. You only need to review the slideshow and organize the props you will use during your class.

What props will I need?

You can star with as little as a whiteboard and dry erase markers, an alphabet set, and an an apple. The Dollar Tree provides excellent props for $1 and your imagination.

What do they mean by “classroom”?

When VIPKID references your classroom they mean the space you chose to teach from. Your “classroom” must be well-lit, clean, and display your name as well as other educational decor such as the alphabet and a map. The Dollar Tree provides many options for $1 and your imagination. 

What is your schedule like?

You get to set your own availability according to your needs and other obligations. I work 5-7am Central every morning and most a Friday and Saturday nights 7-10pm.

Can I use a PC or a Mac?

VIPKIDS platform is supported by both PC and Mac. You can also teach from a tablet.

What are the software and technology requirements?

You must have:

     🍎a hard-lined high-speed internet connection.

     🍎a webcam with a clear picture resolution.

     🍎a headset with a microphone that produces clear sound.

     🍎Use of VIPKID’s Teacher App is recommended for optimal tech performance, however use of the Chrome web browser is also acceptable.

Am I assigned students?

No. You will create a profile displaying a brief introduction video no longer than 1-minute in length. In addition to photos of yourself and a introductory paragraph describing yourself. Parents will review your profile to determine if they would like you to teach their child. Do not be discouraged in the beginning. It may take some time before your schedule fills up. I am here to help you refine your profile to attract the right students for you. There is a teacher and student for every learning/teaching style.

How long is this contract?

Each contract is 6 months long. You will receive a contract renewal in your teacher portal during your last contracted month.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. 
-Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela